Marriage Counseling

“We can’t communicate!” is the number one reason couples give for coming to my office.  If you are unable to resolve problems, and just feel misunderstood, then couples counseling can help. Often couples become “stuck” in conversations and cannot seem to resolve any issues that are creating disconnection in their marriage. In the safe environment of the therapists office, many times the blocks in communication can be resolved. It’s more than learning new communication skills. It’s about experiencing each other in a new way, by learning to provide and receive compassion, understanding, and connection.

As you begin searching for a marriage counselor, you will discover many different kinds of therapy exist.  My approach is one that incorporates Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy or Created for Connection, combined with research insights from John Gottman.

If you are ready to learn a new way to interact with your spouse and transform your marriage, schedule an appointment online.

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