Adolescence is a unique time between the ages of 13 and 19 where young people experience physical growth, mental development, and emotional changes. In working with teens, I hold the position of listener, mentor, and guide. I desire to build authentic relationship and create a comfortable environment for honest communication. We will work toward understanding how perceptions lead to our beliefs and actions, discovering the ability to control what we can control, and taking an active role in our own mental health.

Your teen might need help if he or she:

  • Often feels anxious or worried
  • Has very frequent tantrums or is intensely irritable much of the time
  • Has frequent stomachaches or headaches with no physical explanation
  • Is in constant motion, can’t sit quietly for any length of time
  • Has trouble sleeping, including frequent nightmares
  • Loses interest in things he or she used to enjoy
  • Avoids spending time with friends
  • Has trouble doing well in school, or grades decline
  • Fears gaining weight; exercises, diets obsessively
  • Has low or no energy
  • Has spells of intense, inexhaustible activity
  • Engages in risky, destructive behavior
  • Harms self or others
  • Smokes, drinks, or uses drugs
  • Has thoughts of suicide

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