When I first started working as a therapist 24 years ago, I mostly worked with children and adolescents. I found that many of the issues they faced were a result of their home environment. It became very clear to me that stabilizing the marriage helps everyone in the home, not just the couple. So, around nine years ago I shifted my focus to include more couples therapy. It is rewarding to watch couples reconnect after they have been struggling.

My basic philosophy for marriage counseling centers on connection, communication, and respect. Many of life’s circumstances can cause a couple to become disconnected, and once that happens, communication becomes challenging. It becomes a negative cycle because poor communication leads to further disconnection. During relationship therapy, I look at big and small changes couples can make to help them improve communication and reconnect.

To introduce these skills, I may show videos or utilize other educational material during the session. Often, there is homework in between sessions to help the couple practice the skills they are learning in marriage therapy. I focus on respecting the values and opinions of each person during the counseling process.

Because of the amount of work involved in reconnecting with their partner, I ask that all the couples who come to see me show up to each session with energy and commitment. In order for it to be effective, I also need both people to be transparent with me and with each other.

As a mother, and a step-mother and being part of a blended family for 19 years, I understand the challenges married couples face on a very personal level. I understand the different stages of parenting and the impact that can have on a relationship. My first-hand personal experience combined with my professional training and knowledge enable me to help couples sort through their issues and reconnect in a healthy way.

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